Fast Facts

James Dean’s passion for racing was legendary. His vehicle collection and racing career brought excitement to his life, but is also speculated as contributing to his tragic death.

Fast Facts

Birth Name: James Byron Dean
Nickname: Jimmy Dean

Birth Date: February 8, 1931
Birth Place: Seven Gables Apartments in Marion, IN
Death Date: September 30, 1955
Death Place: Cholame, CA
Burial Location: Park Cemetery in Fairmount, IN

Height: 5’8″ (1.72m)
Weight: 150

Parents: Winton and Mildred Dean
High School Education: Fairmount High School, IN
College Education: Santa Monica Junior College and UCLA
Occupation: Actor
First Professional acting Job: Pepsi Commercial


Hobbies: Painting, Writing, Bullfighting, Photography, Sculpting, Car Racing, Horse Riding and Playing the Bongos
Drink: Coffee
Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee & Raspberry
Music: A few genres and artists include: African Tribal Music, Afro-Cuban Songs and Dances, classical (Bartok, Stravinsky), Judy Garland, Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra.
Song: Billie Holiday’s “When Your Lover Has Gone”
Album: Frank Sinatra’s Songs for “Young Lovers”
Book: Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s The Little Prince